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What are virtual internships?

Virtual internships are internships that are done online or remotely. Your company representative mentor the students/professionals remotely. You are in regular contact with the interns via virtual methods such as video call, phone call, email and instant messenger.

Who will work with us?

We work with a whole range of skills. Academic backgrounds from Metros to Tier 1/2 cities, form an interesting mix of perspective and a whole new dimension to the projects undertaken. We will be placing the students/professionals that suits your skills and requirements, who are seeking a practical experience in the field you have rolled out the project.

How will candidates be placed with a company?

 Profile and resume/CV, Skills , area of expertise will help us to understand how candidates skills and experiences align with which company needs.  The same will be shared with the best suited host company from among our portfolio.

How are virtual internships beneficial to companies?

They allow companies to gauge the skills that they are looking for in today’s market, before hiring permanently. It is interesting to add a whole new dimension with a fresh and objective perspective to the project which otherwise may not be possible or is possible at an exorbitant cost. They can do this to a schedule that suits them and without having to be physically present.

Why is there a fee for this service?

It takes time and effort to find the right skill set – we not only conduct this matching process, but we also provide ongoing training and mentoring to hone the skills of interns. By signing up to the program, you have a team of experts working for you to help you get the most out of this programme

Are these paid internships?

Our aim is to provide high quality placements that will provide our participants with real responsibility and develop transferable skills for future employment. We do not want to forgo potentially high quality placements by narrowing our search just for paid placements. Currently all programs provide a unpaid internship with a serious emphasis to mentorship from the company.

Why a virtual internship over a normal internship?

Virtual internships allow you to develop digital skills that are important in the 21st century. According to the Research, internet literacy is an extremely important career skill, not only when it comes to building ones resume but also when finding that all-important first job. Working remotely also teaches plenty of other skills that are just as important as internet literacy. Students completing internships online need to be highly motivated and organized. Without the constant supervision that an office setting provides, students must have the ability to manage their own time and complete assignments without constantly asking for assistance.

Virtual internships are an excellent judge for a diverse set of skills that are of high value to employers.

No travel required, so this saves overheads and also reduces thecarbon footprint.

Virtual internship is a teaser to a full-time job later, which the company may or may not want to go ahead with later.

What kind of companies should register?

Established or growing organisations in manufacturing, service or retail in the field of apparel, footwear, accessories, jewellery and interiors may register to hire interns. Even Start Ups can register where our team would assist with guided mentoring both for the company as well as candidates. The candidates  matched will vary from technical backgrounds of design, marketing, management, mass communication, journalism etc.

What do I have to give to the interns?

Guided mentorship, sharing of experience and practical knowledge should be shared with the interns. An honest teacher will breed honest students. It will not only help them perform but make this experience  a stepping stone to a new and a fruitful professional relationships for both. At the end of the internship an e-certificate has to be issued from your company to each interning candidate 

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